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  • Developer: Sumilux Technologies, Inc.
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Foxit Reader App for PC, Windows 11/10/ Free Download

Foxit Reader PC:  Today we are going to tell you about a really amazing app for document users which will not only just be a simple app, but it will allow you to edit and annotate your documents AKA pdfs.


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Foxit Reader App: Throughout the world, the technologies and advancements have led to various apps and creations coming into existence and these platforms have really made our lives a hell lot easier. The name of this vibrant and really stunning app is Foxit Reader Download for PC.

So, without any further ado let’s jump right onto this app and see what all it has to offer and what is there that makes the Foxit Reader App really special and one of a kind.

About Foxit Reader App

This is a really versatile tool with various features and being created in America it has really helped endless people with its PDF support, viewability, and other features as well. let’s jump onto its functionality for further better assistance.

Functionality of Foxit Reader App

A Premium and Versatile Tool

Foxit Reader, created by the Foxit Software firm in California, has evolved through time from its first incarnations, which stood out for its strong performance and lightweight files. This application is a multilingual toolkit that allows users to create, examine, sign, modify, and print PDF documents. It’s a freemium piece of software, which means you may use it for free, but the premium version comes with certain additional features. However, unless you demand special capabilities, Foxit Reader free covers the fundamentals.

This program’s security is another distinguishing characteristic. If you’re utilizing PDFs from the internet, it has a nice security feature driven by JavaScript that protects you from unwanted scripts transferring data.

It also has the ability to produce PDFs from scanned documents, which is a handy tool. Browser-style plugins are also available, which are great for expanding the Reader’s capabilities even further. Overall, this application is one of the greatest free PDF readers accessible, thanks to its strength, speed, and feature set.

A clumsy user interface

The UI of Foxit Reader might be intimidating for folks who aren’t familiar with PDF production. On the one side, it resembles Microsoft Office in appearance, with a ribbon toolbar, but the features are arranged in a confusing and off-putting manner.

Thankfully, making sense of the bewildering array of tools in front of you is very simple. You can shrink the ribbon to free up room on the screen for the PDF you’re looking at. There’s also a full-screen option that removes distractions and simplifies things even further. Furthermore, you may reduce the program’s full window to a system tray icon, which takes up less space in the Windows taskbar than one line. There’s also a security toolkit that may help you protect yourself and your computer, especially when working with less-than-trustworthy materials.

Understanding the many features and their overview is not difficult if you plan on utilizing Foxit Reader to examine PDFs. There’s a row of tabs on the left that lets you work with many files at once, as well as a toolbar that lets you access bookmarks and tables of contents.

Lightweight and well-equipped

The Foxit Reader application is small and light. Because the installation file is just 12 MB in size, it is easy to install and use. Because there are no long splash windows, plugins, or credit lists, the design reflects this lightness.

Instead, all of the toolbars and tools therein have a specific function. You’ll find tools for zooming, taking screenshots, searching, seeing the document on full screen, choosing a section of the text, and more in these bars.

With the highlight, strikeout, underline, and comment capabilities in this Reader, you may annotate your PDFs.

You may need to reuse your PDF files in other programs at times. You may use this tool to convert PDFs to a variety of file types, including text and picture files, Microsoft Word and Excel, HTML, and more.

Adaptable application

This application is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. Foxit Reader for Windows requires Windows 7 or higher, but Foxit Reader Download for Mac requires Mac OS X or higher.

Foxit Reader is also portable. It can be operated from a local folder, a cloud folder, or an external drive, which means you don’t need to install it on your computer and can instead carry it about on a flash drive – its lightweight characteristic comes in useful here as well.

Alternatives and bugs

The biggest disadvantage of Foxit Reader Portable is that it cannot display flash animations or 3D graphics in PDF files. It also lacks OCR (optical channel recognition) capabilities, which means it can’t recognize text pictures.

Additionally, read the fine print carefully before installing the program or any update. Otherwise, the tool may wind up installing unwanted freebies or modifying some of your important browser and desktop functionality on your computer.

Adobe Reader DC is maybe the most well-known alternative to this application. Its architecture allows you to read, edit, and manage PDF files in a variety of ways, and it works on all operating systems.

Foxit Reader App

Other Characteristics and Features of the Foxit Reader App for PC include –

Even though we have explained like most of the things regarding the app, here are some other perks of Foxit Reader Portable App –

Features of security
When you open a PDF file with any reader, it may include viruses or other hazardous programs that might harm your machine. Using Foxit Reader’s JavaScript Disable feature is one way to prevent dangerous files from activating. This prevents unidentified programs from transferring data over the internet.

Document security
With various beneficial features, Foxit Reader is designed with sensitive or critical document PDFs in mind. This features an encryption function that prevents anybody but the intended parties from reading the data on your PDF.

Add-ons for PhantomPDF
Optical character recognition (OCR) is a useful technology that allows computer systems to recognize text inside images. This is useful when scanning a document and converting it to a PDF.

FAQs of Foxit Reader App

Where do you think you’ll be able to execute this program?
Foxit Reader is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Windows 7, 8, and 10. A macOS version of the reader is also available, which is compatible with a wide range of Mac systems. The application is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Linux users.

What is Foxit Reader, and how does it work?
Foxit Reader, commonly known as ConnectedPDF, is a free PDF viewer and editor for Windows. It’s feature-rich software that makes document collaboration and signing a breeze.

Is it possible to modify a PDF using Foxit Reader App for PC?
Foxit Reader is a free and powerful piece of software that aids in the filling out of forms, printing, and editing of documents. It provides a wide range of comprehensive features that are typically lacking in other free programs. After you’ve downloaded the software, you may use it to generate, convert, and edit PDF documents.

Is there a more suitable option?
A vast number of PDF readers are available for Windows systems. Sumatra PDF Reader is a remarkable piece of software. Sumatra, like Foxit Reader, simply offers the bare minimum when it comes to opening PDF files. This implies that your files will load amazingly quickly on any machine. Sumatra features a portable edition, which is a crucial feature. This is software that you may run at any time.

Do you think you should get the Foxit Reader App for PC?
Yes, The free edition of Foxit Readers comes with everything you’ll need to open and read PDF files. It also goes beyond simply being ready by allowing you to contribute your own information, like as comments or multimedia assets. Many features of the reader guard your computer against viruses and malware spread by dubious PDFs. Other functions, albeit hidden behind a paid add-on service, are mostly optional. The add-on features, on the other hand, are valuable in a corporate, academic, or office situation. The PhantomPDF can be purchased as a one-time purchase or as a subscription.

Pros and Cons of Foxit Reader App

These are the list of Pros and Cons that can help you in deciding if the Foxit Reader App is ideal for you or not.


  • Features for easy PDF production and editing
  • Security features built-in
  • Microsoft Office plugins are included.
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Annotation software is available.


  • In the free version, there is no optical character recognition.
  • Only the user manual is available online.

Conclusion on Foxit Reader App PC

It’s a lot easier to deal with PDFs now.
Overall, Foxit Reader is more than a mere substitute for Microsoft’s Reader software. In terms of tools and functionality, it’s a powerhouse, making it excellent for producing and dealing with PDFs. It’s not the only tool of its sort, but it’s fantastic and comes highly recommended.

When it comes to reading PDF files, Foxit Reader delivers the fundamentals, allowing you to open them faster than other readers. The program also includes a number of security safeguards that prevent malicious PDFs from being activated. You may also use digital signatures and other features to prevent unauthorized access to your PDFs. The reader’s sole drawback is the absence of important capabilities like OCR support, which may be remedied with a purchased add-on.


User Reviews of Foxit Reader App


I’m a reporter that sifts through massive PDFs of data requests (3600 pages on the high end) as well as scholarly papers and books. Not only has being able to annotate these files as if they were actual documents—highlighting, making notes in the margins, etc.—saved me time and money, but it has also simplified my job. There’s no need to dig through a stack of sticky-noted pages seeking the email where city council members so-and-so stated this or that; everything is browsable and searchable in one location. It’s fantastic.


It’s simple to use, and its freeform nature of it appears to work well for me so far. I, too, give applications a very high grade. (fewer than ten received a 5*) I tried Foxit since I wanted to see my pdfs as thumbnails. That is something that my file manager does not perform for me. I believe the thumbnails might be larger, and Foxit may be a “more capable program” than I require…. and that is the extent of my complaints thus far. Even the expensive features are arranged in such a way that they do not interfere with the fundamental operation. Bravo


The reflow function is fantastic, and my review will concentrate on it. I was seeking a reader that would restructure and convert pdf files so that they could be viewed on a phone, and this one did an excellent job of it. It combines text and picture chunks into a single, easy-to-read stream. When it does this, it renders very slowly, and there are some noticeable artifacts, but these drawbacks do not detract from the reading experience.


I’ve been using Foxit since the beginning of medical school. Everyone recommended OneNote or something similar, but none of them compared to this program. On my lectures, I may scribble, highlight, draw, type, and even leave notes. There are many colors to choose from, and the size can be changed easily. There are several tools available, ranging from text highlighting to area highlighting to checks and squares. As I previously stated, this is an excellent tool for studying lectures or taking notes. I’ve also seen the developers make a number of adjustments in order to better the product.